Most driver's education students are taught that when driving, your hands should be on the wheel when driving, but police in Burlington say they haven't seen this one before.

In a tweet, the Halton Regional Police said they spotted a driver playing the flute, involving both hands while they were doing some distracted driving enforcement in that area.

The driver was spotted around 4pm at Dundas Street and Walkers Line.

Cst. Steve Elms told CTV News Toronto in an email that the driver, a man in his 40's was sitting at a red light, playing his flute with both hands. The officers didn't have a problem with this, but when the light turned green, the driver continued to play the instrument.

When they went out to catch distracted drivers, officers said they were expecting to see a cell phone in drivers' hands, not a guy practicing his audition piece for the area symphony band.

Police added in their report that the driver was playing along to an iPod at the time of the infraction.

“I cannot advise what song was being played on the flute at the time,” Elms said.

The driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act with starting from a stopped position not in safety.

Read more at CTV News Toronto

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