Social media is a fun thing, huh? A great way to keep in touch with family and friends.  Maybe som high school associates you'd avoid at the bar...but for some reason you keep them connected incase of important news from your hometown? I guess?

It's so fun too!   Did you see that recent meme making fun of the opponent of your favorite politician?  Hilarious, wasn't it?  Timely and poignant.

Yes, social media can be many things.  Twitter allows you to use simple text telling your point of view in 280 characters or less.  It can be very powerful.  Have you tried tweeting at a celebrity?  It exhilarating!

Facebook gives you a chance to share your life with pictures and videos.  Did you go on a family trip this year?  Me either! But I'll bet you posted pictures of what you did do!

YouTube is a great way to find the proper (if you're lucky) way to attack those DIY projects you've been putting off.  I recently found out how to make a hanging salad bar for our chickens.  It was very useful.

Now, TikTok.  TikTok is a different animal.  You might think you're too old for this particular platform and you might be right.  But it's slowly aging up and has become a great place for instructional videos about how to cook a quick and easy meal or how to use a foam roller on your upper thighs if you sit on your ass all day like I do.

It also has stupid ridiculous funny things like a kid getting caught in drag while trying to do a dumb skit he wrote.

@nextdreadpirateReply to @gothsludge I promise the ending wasn’t staged. The timing was just perfect #comedyskit #comedysketch♬ original sound - Bryson

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