4.5 Million views.  Of a guy tying his shoes.

4.5....MILLION views of a man...TYING...his shoes.

This is what constitutes "great content" these days.

I feel sorry for the kids that are on TikTok that are like, "WOW...HOW'd He TIE HIS SHOES?"  Imagine being impressed by this.

He even cheats and does the first part before impressing everyone with his "skill."

WARNING:  Old Man Rant Ahead

Here's the thing about TikTok.  It's not just about dancing and lipsyncing to the latest Cardi B (which...by the way...why are we letting our kids listen to Cardi B?).

TikTok is a video platform that you can learn things.  I've seen recipes for delicious chicken recipes or cheese snacks.  I've seen home improvement tips that help me install tracks for my drawers at the proper height by using clips that I thought were only for holding my trash bag onto my trash can in the garage.

I learned that if you want a soft stick of butter for your chocolate chip cookies...even though I'm not sure why it needs to be soft other than my wife told me it needed to be...all you need to do is add hot water to a glass, empty it & put it upside down over the butter and the heat from the water will soften up the butter in just a few minutes.

I've learned that if you want your phone to charge quicker...just put it on "airplane mode" and it will turn off anything it's doing in the background so it charges faster.

Oh...and I learned to TIE MY SHOES!!

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