Ghosting is a great non-confrontational way to get out of dating someone, you just run the risk of turning them into an enemy for life. Like this guy did.


An anonymous guy just sent an email into an advice website called Ask A Manager about his very unfortunate situation.

He was in a relationship with a woman named Sylvia about a decade ago. They were together three years and she wanted to take it to the next level, but he didn't. While she was visiting her family over Christmas, he ghosted her.

He moved out of their place, moved out of the country, and cut off all communication. She was furious and did everything she could to find him, but he kept ignoring her.

Fast forward to now. He's working as a math teacher and his school just hired a new director who happens to be his ex Sylvia. He says he's not in a position to get a new job, so he's stuck there, with her as his boss.

The advice website basically responded that he's screwed, but he can try to apologize before she starts work and see if she wants to talk about it. Yeah, that's not going to fix things.

Read more at Ask A Manager.

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