RossCreations is known on Facebook for his videos pranking people, like the time he made fake video game covers to see if GameStop would buy them from him. This time, he's going after his local mechanic.

First, Ross fills the gas tank to a car with about 10 gallons of SpaghettiO's. Then, he takes it to his local mechanic and tells the guy that another shop diagnosed it as the "Flool Pump".

The mechanic starts off by pulling off the filler neck to the tank, and immediately sees the round noodles and tomato sauce pouring out of the hole.

For the entirety of the video, Ross pretends to know nothing about cars, asking if the "Flool Pump" is the stuff coming out of the tank.

His mechanic keeps trying to explain to him that there aren't supposed to be SpaghettiO's in his fuel tank, but Ross has a hard time grasping the concept.

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