Ben Ball, from Michigan, is doing well after a peaceful evening turned into a battle for his life.

Ball was sitting in his apartment playing video games and watching Rick and Morty when Alex Lavell Rawls began pounding on the door.

Rawls previously dated Ball's former roommate, who left to get away, Rawl's was there around 11:30pm looking for her. Ben said he had reason to believe Rawls was armed with a gun.

When he heard the door get kicked in, Ball grabbed his go-to home defense weapon; a carbon steel battle axe.

Ball said "Door opened, grabbed the axe, step, step, hit."

He hit Rawls once in the torso with the axe, causing substantial damage and then grappled him. The two fought in the apartment, breaking a multitude of things.

A neighbor called 911 and when officers arrived, followed the blood trail leading from the apartment straight to Alex Rawls, who they then apprehended and transported to the hospital. He stayed the night due to his injuries and was transferred to jail the next day with a charge of First Degree Home Invasion, looking at about 20 years in prison.

Ball said when he's not working, he's LARPing with his friends, who get together and act out large scale battles with Medieval style weapons.

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