A guy in Australia had the fright and fight of his life when he encountered one of the world's deadliest snakes while driving.

He was driving down the Dawson Highway when he noticed a Brown Snake in the cab of his truck.

Jimmy, 27, recounted the experience to the police, saying "I'm driving at 100 kilometres an hour (about 60mph) and I just started to brake, and the more I moved my legs it just started to wrap around me. Its head started to strike at the seat and between my legs."

He used a seatbelt and a knife to kill the snake, but he feared he had been bitten, so he threw the snake in the back and drove to the hospital at a high rate of speed.

An officer spotted the truck driving at a high rate of speed, and pulled him over. Jimmy explained to the officer what had happened, and the officer radioed for an ambulance.

It turned out that he hadn't been bitten, but was just in shock from the incident.

The officer's bodycam footage has been released:

Brown snakes are definitely something to be worried about. They have unusually fast-acting venom, which could kill a person in about 15 minutes.

Jimmy's alright now, but was a bit spooked by the incident.

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