A group of people on a trip to Alaska had a bit of a scare when a bear casually strolled by them, but their seaplane captain kept himself calm and collected.

"Incredible trip to Alaska we happen to encounter a bear walking right in front of us fortunately my seaplane captain kept everyone calm," TikToker MrsB111 wrote on her video.

"Hey, big boy," the pilot said over and over as the bear nonchalantly walked past the group to check out a sign that looked like it had a picture of himself on it. "Hey, bear."

Why the bear walked down the trail, looked at a sign, and then left obviously isn't known, but that doesn't stop commenters from their own theories.

"They told me my pic was on the sign. Had to come see for myself," sloan.md said.

"He probably just forgot his mask in the car," another user wrote.

My personal favorite theory, was written out by Samoan_unit.

"He saw the bear sign, turned around and said 'Aye, don't go that way. There's bears over there."

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