We've got quite a while to wait until deer season...but buying, selling and trading guns & knifes knows no season!

Attention Sportsmen!  All this week on the Bill Stage Radio Show, I'll be giving away tickets for a show you'll want to check out this weekend.

Pope Creeks Shows presents the Quad Cities Gun and Knife Show this Saturday and Sunday May 15 & 16 at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island!

There's going to be TONS of guns, ammo, hunting related items, collectables, outdoor items, army surplus supplies and more!

There will be thirty thousand square feet of vendors where you can buy, sell, and trade new and used items!

Plus admission is only six dollars!

The Quad Cities Gun and Knife show this Saturday and Sunday at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island.

Hours: Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-3pm

If you'd like more information call 309-371-35-93 or visit Pope Creek Shows on Facebook!

According to pcshows.net:

Event Rules and Regulations

1) No alcohol allowed in the gun show area.

2) All vendors will be required to keep all guns unloaded and tied in a manner to prevent firing, including removal of the magazines.

3) No Black powder allowed.

4) All vendors are prohibited from displaying or storing more the 5 pounds of Pyrodex.

5) No firing of any firearms of the premises

6) All ammunition will be required to be in a sealed container

Security will present during the show and after hours.

All rules will be enforced.

All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be obeyed.

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