According to TMZ, the NFL allowed New Orlean's Saint Alvin Kamara to take part in the NFL Pro Bowl after being labeled a suspect in a felony battery case by Las Vegas Metro PD.

The outlet reports that NFL Security was notified several hours before kick-off took place that they were looking for Kamara, but the two groups decided it was best to let him play in the game before arresting him.

Kamara is accused of the assault of a victim by name of Darnell Greene, a party promoter who goes by the nickname SquirtBuck. Greene said that Alvin pushed him down for "an unknown reason," before a beatdown came from Alvin and his three friends.

After the game was over, Kamara met with the police, where he was Mirandized, before admitting to punching Greene once. Police arrested him after his confession.

Alvin Kamara Arrested in Las Vegas
Getty Images

Surveillance video footage shows that Kamara punched Greene at least 8 times.

Photos of SquirtBuck's injuries made it to Twitter by Black Sports Online, and they're very graphic. You can find the photos below the police report below.

Kamara was arrested on one count of battery with serious injury, a felony. He faces up to five years in prison if found guilty.

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