Another from my friends at Goose Island.  Made with real Goose feathers!

Just the Facts

Bottle temp at opening: 36 degrees.

Drinking temp: 38 degrees.

Nose: Sweet and Malty.

Taste: Heavy Hops, barley. Finishes dry.

4 out of 6 bottles

Okay, I can't say for reelz about the feathers, but that's what your mouth feels like when you're finished.  Like I just ate a bag of feathers.  So it's good and dry.  The hops I'm getting more and more used to, but I like how there is also some traditional beer taste in Goose IPA.  My wife says it's yummy and hoppy (Alyssa from the station brought some extra Goose Island by the house--but I don't have a problem.)

Nice way to start the weekend!