A woman is recovering after being pinned to the ground under a vehicle in Manhattan.

Authorities said it's unclear what exactly happened, or who is at fault, but a taxi struck her, and pinned her to the ground.  

Witnesses said she wasn't looking good, was covered in blood, and was unconscious, but some good samaritans stepped in.

"A large group of people scrambling with jacks to try and lift the car and provide assistance," Samaritan Jesse Hershkowitz said. "About six or seven of us just ran out into the middle of the street, and we actually physically lifted the car and moved it off of her, without moving her obviously. She was moving her feet and her ankles."


Listen to our conversation with Jesse below.


The driver stayed at the scene, but the woman and one other person were taken to the hospital.

Read more at ABC 7 NY

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