Did you know that the odds of two hole-in-ones being hit back-to-back on the same hole are 17 million to one? Two golfers in Clinton, Louisiana just pulled that feat off.

On Sunday at the Oak Lake Golf Course, George Ory and Jackie Achee were set to tee off on a par three. Their group hadn't hit the links since last October, but have been playing together for over 30 years.

Jackie went first and drove the ball 141 yards with her five iron, not thinking she would actually hit the pin. "I hit a really nice shot but ya know you don't think it's going to go into the hole and my playing partner George said, 'Jackie I think you made a hole in one,'" she said.

George teed off next with his six iron. The pair couldn't tell where their balls ended up until they approached the hole.

"And I look in and I see one ball and I see it's my ball," Jackie said. "Then I see another ball and I said, 'y'all, there are two balls in here."

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