If you were a fan of the X-Files or believe in the existence of aliens, 2020 has been a fantastic year for you. A 'fleet of UFOs' was spotted in California. Scientists discovered a 'weird molecule' that could point to the existence of alien life. There was also the discovery of strange and mysterious radio signals. Well, now, there's a new video that depicts what is being described as a 'glowing UFO' in Mexico.

October was one of the biggest months ever for UFO sightings. This is just the latest video to emerge. According to UFO and Alien expert Scott Waring, this 'glowing UFO' spotted in Guadalajara is legit. Many who have watched the video describe it as "This is another one of those ‘if that doesn’t convince you nothing will’ kind of sightings.” Here's what Waring said about the footage:

The eyewitness and his family was visiting Hue Titan Canyon, a mountain forest in Guadalajara, Mexico. The family noticed a strange shiny object in the trees moving around and changing shape. It looks like an alien sphere that is exploring and analyzing the forest life. Aliens are not just interested in humans, but also care about all things in nature. Knowledge is what they seek. However this one is very close to the people...so I have to ask...who is watching who here?

Watch the video below for yourself:

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