When I was in high school...I remember a buddy of mine (Chuck shall remain nameless) turned in an inappropriate paper.

He was blowing through the test and was frustrated  by one question which he planned to come back to after finishing the rest of the assignment.  The question was "What would happen if the aorta wasn't present?"

Instead of leaving it blank...he filled it in with "you fucking die."

Which TECHNICALLY was a correct answer.  However, not the one they were looking for. So, the teacher brought it to the principle and the principle brought him from lunch to the office and put him in detention.  He was not the kind of kid that ever got in trouble so it was super funny that this unintentional, victimless crime brought him so much heat.

That's the story the video below reminded me of.

I don't recall him crying and screaming so much...but I also didn't see him in Principle Wirth's office or at home getting a whoopin.  So, I guess it possible that he burst into tears and confessed while the principle called his mommy.  They could have let him gather himself and dry his tears before he came back to the lunch table.  But the odds are...he just quietly apologized and took his after school detention like a man.

No word on whether he or she got full credit after either of these two incidents.

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