Colette Francisco has been obsessed with dogs since she was three-years-old, specifically the Shiba Inu. She's asked for a puppy every year since then and her parents just surprised her with one for her ninth birthday.

We then made the critical parental error of telling a 3 year old child that when she turned 6 we'd buy her one. It seemed a long way off at the time but three years went by rather fast. And every year on her birthday she'd say "only 2 more years until I get a dog!" Then, "only 1 more year till I get a dog!" In other words, she had not forgotten. As year 6 rolled around we were knee deep in a kitchen remodel project and knew we weren't ready to bring a dog into the family. So we got her an encyclopedia of dog breeds book (which she loved) and a cake in the likeness of a Shiba Inu instead, with the promise that soon we would "look into" breeders.

Michelle Francisco

Colette's parents rewarded her patience last weekend with her very own Shiba Inu puppy and captured the heartwarming moment on video.

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