Thrillist went through the menus at different fast food places and figured out how to get as much food as possible for five bucks.

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  1. Taco Bell – Just order five things off their "Dollar Cravings" menu. The biggest thing on there right now is the "Beefy Fritos Burrito."
  2. Chipotle – The most food for $5 is the kid's meal, but adults can get it too. It comes with two soft tacos, chips, and a box of apple juice.
  3. Wendy's – Order a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, small fry, and a small chocolate Frosty. It should come out to about $5 with tax.
  4. Chick-fil-A – An original chicken sandwich or an eight-piece nuggets should be well under $5. If you want to add fries, you can do the whole thing for about $5.50 plus tax.
  5. McDonald's – You could just go with five things from the dollar menu. Or if you want to mix it up, a Sausage McMuffin, four-piece McNugget, snack-size McFlurry, and a small coke would run you about $5.50.
  6. Subway – They have $6 footlongs now, and a few only cost $5.50. But if you really want to stay under five bucks, go with any six-inch sub and load it up with veggies.
  7. Burger King – You can get a double cheeseburger, a BK bacon burger, small fries, and a chocolate sundae for about $5.

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