If you're a die-hard football fan who never misses a game, regardless of your team playing or not, and you get mad enough to yell at your TV screen, there's an opportunity for you to make some cash for doing something you're already going to do.

The Game Day announced that they're looking for one football super-fan to become their "Super Bowl Analyzer." During the entirety of the Super Bowl, from the first play, to half-time, to commercials, to the final drive, you'll have to keep track of what's happening throughout the game.

You simply just take notes as the game goes on, and if you answer questions from The Game Day correctly, they'll give you up to a whole $2,022.

The only requirements for this "job" are simple. You don't need even need a kindergarten education for it, just:

  • Be a fan who can't get enough of football
  • Love for the NFL and ability to remember plays without thinking
  • Strong attention to detail
  • The ability to monitor the entire Super Bowl Sunday broadcast
  • Be 18 years or older

The applications will close on February 9th at midnight (Eastern Time), so get your application in. One fan will be selected and notified by email on February 10th, so be sure you check the spam folder.

Your application has to be filled out over at The Game Day's website.

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