When one door closes, another one opens. We've all heard that phrase and there's a great meaning in that message. It emphasizes the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. We are not solely defined by external circumstances but can take control of our own destinies by seeking out new opportunities and forging our own paths.


Duck The Dog

Who knew that those inspirational words also proved to be true for the canine world?  Here's the story of a dog named Duck. Duck failed out of Duck Hunting School in Georgia.  According to Duck's new owner Mary Nicoletti

"He had failed out of duck hunting school," Nicoletti explained. "And he didn't just fail a little. He failed miserably! Like, wouldn't fetch, wouldn't retrieve."

What happens to a dog, bred for hunting, that doesn't like to hunt?  Well, you try to find that new door, and for Duck, his new door opened as he became a school therapy dog.  Check out this great story from 11 Alive.

Bonding With A Special Student

According to Nicoletti, Duck's purpose is to be with the students, and he has taught them as much as they have taught him. In particular, he is a great support to the students in Nicoletti's specialized instruction class.

One student, Alyssa Biggs, has a strong bond with Duck that extends beyond the classroom. When Alyssa was in the ICU and needed help getting out of bed, her mom asked if bringing in Duck would motivate her to walk, and Alyssa agreed. After losing her dad last year, Alyssa needed a friend, and Duck has been there for her. He even checks on her to make sure she's okay when she's upset about something.

Thanks to Duck's support, Alyssa is discovering her passion for working with dogs and developing a transition plan for after graduation. Nicoletti is happy to help her explore this path with the help of their furry friend.

Alyssa Biggs with Duck the Dog
Alyssa Biggs with Duck the Dog - Alive 11

Certified Therapy Dog

Alyssa used her training with Duck to get certified as a therapy dog handler.

The school now works with nine different therapy dogs to help students gain confidence and independence.

Lambert is the only school in the state to turn a therapy dog program into vocational training for kids with special needs.

Million Dollar Quad Cities Home vs Million Dollar Los Angeles Home

We all know the joke about how much houses cost in LA. I decided that it would be fun to look at a million dollar home in LA and compare that to a million dollar home right here in the Quad Cities.
Here are the two spot we are comparing:
12513 Walsh Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Cost: $1,195,000
984 sqft | 3 Bed | 2 Bath


901 46th Street Dr, Moline, IL 61265
Cost: $995,000
15,291 sqft | 6 Bed | 11 Bath

Clearly one is a bit bigger than the other.

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