As I watched TV this weekend, I saw a commercial that made me do a double-take.

A new Hy-Vee commercial to promote their new Scan Out Hunger movement, where the company is working to feed the hungry through donations, brought in the big guns to be an attention grabber.

As the commercial shows a tailgate party, an obviously green-screened Gene Simmons comes dancing across the screen with two four-packs of his MoneyBag soda.

He has absolutely nothing to do with the commercial, and at one point is even standing with his iconic Axe bass, because that's what normal people take to tailgates.

The best cut, aside from the obvious lighting difference throughout the video, is meant to look like he's offering his fancy soda to a fellow tailgater. The other guy is out of focus, and obviously not actually cheers-ing Gene Simmons.

Hy-Vee via YouTube
Hy-Vee via YouTube

While it's super random, I think the commercial achieves more than what it set out to do. I've watched it ten times, and we talked it about it on the show this morning. It's supposed to be an attention grabber, and it does exactly that.

You can find out more about Scan Out Hunger and Feeding America, and Hy-Vee's on their website.

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