A kid down in Palm Coast, Florida probably won't be fishing for awhile, after a freaky run-in with an alligator.

Seven-year-old Dawson was fishing with his dad, Sean McMahon, when Sean tried to record Dawson reeling a fish in.

As Dawson fought with the decent sized fish, Sean encouraged him.

"It's alright, buddy. Keep going," he said.

Fox 35 via YouTube
Fox 35 via YouTube

"He's a fighter," Dawson replied.

Dawson experienced the excitement of reeling a fish in as he pulled it up onto the shore, but that feeling quickly was replaced with fear as a big alligator came out of the water and onto the shore.

Fox 35 via YouTube
Fox 35 via YouTube

The poor kid ran from his catch, screaming as he went.

"Oh. My. God," Sean said as the video ended.

The gator retreated back into the water, taking his fish, and fishing pole with it.

Earlier this year, another fisherman's video went viral when a massive gator came out of the water after the big fish he'd caught.

The fisherman tried to back up with the fish, but the gator continued to follow him.

As he tripped, the gator grabbed the fish and swallowed it whole. The jerk turned around and walked away.

"AH! He got it!" the guy said as the alligator can be seen tossing it back and scurrying away. "Hey bud, I'd appreciate it if I could get that back. Can I have my fish back?"

The moral here is to never fish where there might be gators. That way you go home with a fish and all of your limbs.

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