A runaway city garbage truck sped downhill and flip on its side into the front yard of a home in a Pittsburgh neighborhood yesterday afternoon.

Video from a neighbor's surveillance camera picked up the truck just as it was about to flip onto its side, with the truck coming out of an alley on its left two wheels. As the truck turned the corner, the right wheels came back down, but only for the left wheels to come off of the ground as the truck flipped out of frame.

"I was actually upstairs in the bedroom watching TV and I heard a big bang and the whole house shook," said Sandra Lucas told WTAE. "Oh my God, I didn't know what happened. So I checked the windows and I found out it was a garbage truck that did all this damage, ended up in the neighbor's front yard. I feel so sorry for them."

The owners of the home told the local news station, WTAE, that their young children usually are playing in the front yard, but due to the extreme heat yesterday were inside the house during the crash.

As of now, the crash is under investigation, and luckily, no injuries were reported.

"Preliminarily, it looks like workers were out of the truck moving items when the emergency brake possibly gave and the truck rolled down the hill," Public Safety spokeswoman Amanda Mueller said.

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