A gamer playing Rainbow Six Siege got the scare of a lifetime when he accidentally got his house raided by police.

The incident was partially caught on video. The player, Elijah, had been playing the tactical shooter game and somehow butt-dialed 911 at his home.

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Police made a speedy arrival after the dispatcher overheard him say "I killed two people." Unknown to the operator, Elijah was making a game-based and harmless comment to his teammates in the video game's voice chat.

His friends shared Elijah's bizarre story on Twitter, and many were entertained by the encounter he had with his local police department.

Guard Hunter via Twitter
Guard Hunter via Twitter


In Elijah's case, things went much better than they could've.

Police searched Elijah's house up and down before giving the all-clear for him to go back inside. Obviously freaked out by having guns pointed at him as an innocent man, Elijah can be heard being asked questions about the game by one of the responding officers trying to calm him down.

The scene looked similar to what has been happening to streamers in the past years, who've been attacked by a term called "Swatting." It's an attack where people will figure out where a streamer lives and call police, telling them there is some sort of a hostage situation at the streamer's address - and police show up to raid the home.

In 2017, streamer Andrew Finch was killed by police in a swatting incident.

Luckily, Elijah came out of the other side of this incident unharmed, and probably will be leaving his phone on his desk when playing the game in the future.

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