66-year-old Jam Flato was doing some high-stakes gambling at a casino in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Each spin of the slot machine was $50 and he hit a jackpot worth $100,000. Unfortunately his celebration was cut short.


Jan was hanging out with 35-year-old Marina Navarro, the two claim to be just "friends." Here's where Jan's fortune went south, he asked Marina to push the button for luck and that's when the jackpot hit.

If you didn't know, casinos have a rule that says whichever person pulls or pushes the button on a slot machine is technically the person gambling. That means Marina won the $100,000 and Jan was out $50 for his troubles.

He understandably lost it when he found out the jackpot wasn't his, but the security footage clearly showed Marina playing the machine. The casino gave her a check for $50K and $50K in cash, then she left Jan behind.

She claims that she offered Jan some of the money but retracted after he started sending angry text messages. Now he gets nothing and their "friendship" is over.

Read more at Miami Herald.

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