News came across the nation today that NFL Hall of Famer and Chicago Bears Halfback Gale Sayers passed away last night, but did you know he had ties to the Quad Cities?

First, Sayers toured the University of Iowa, but decided not to attend because head coach Jerry Burns wasn't able to meet with him the day he was on campus.

Back in 1984, Gale Sayers founded Crest Computer Supply Company in the Chicago area. The technology consulting and implementation firm served Fortune 1000 companies for years, and eventually became Sayers Technology Services, LLC.

Sayers Technology Services operates in 5 metropolitan areas:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Tampa
  • Quad Cities

While the company has 5 locations, their reach extends across the country, virtually that is, offering consultation in 3 key areas of technology.

Sayers Technology Services
Sayers Technology Services

The company's about explains Sayers' ownership.

In 1984, Gale Sayers founded the company in the Chicago area. Gale brought the same work ethic and focus on teamwork and leadership to the business world that he was so well known for as a player in the NFL.

We reached out to the Quad Cities location for comment, and we're waiting to hear back.

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