I watched a video today that brought tears to my eyes, and it wasn't because of something sad, it was from laughter.

The video shows a sweet woman named Gail taking her break in the backroom of a Walmart, enjoying her lunch break and perusing TikTok to take a break from what's surely a crazy shift.

Gail found a video on TikTok that she thought was so funny, it about killed her.

Gail's laugh is hysterical from the start of the video, and as she watches it again with the person recording, gets more hysterical.

Gail is pushing the rest of the air out of her body so much that eventually there must be nothing left, because suddenly nothing but just a gurgle sound comes out of her throat.

Gail's laugh has brought in 2.2 million views in five days with hundreds of thousands of comments.

"She started drowning on air," M.A said.

"I couldn’t tell if she was crying or laughing at first," Lupita Rodriguez said.

"We’re laughing at a tictok of someone recording someone laughing at a tictok," Jessalyn Matthews wrote.

The video that almost killed Gail was of a woman on a slingshot ride who loses her wig, cut with a video of a guy eating popcorn that gets knocked out of his hand by the flying wig. That video has brought 6.4 million views.

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