I have been struggling to find the gumption to go to the grocery store.  We have hardly any food in the house and what we do have is uninteresting to me.  So, we've been eating out a lot.  We grilled for Father's Day...but other than that it's been pizza and burgers on the run.  Yet, still I am not finding the ability to care.  So, eating out again will happen.

If you're a bit like me...maybe you're interested in not cooking this week.  Let me help you out with some free food from a delicious Mexican Restaurant in Davenport called Nally's Kitchen.

Make sure you download the 97X app and turn on your notifications.  Each day this week I'll send you a link for you to enter for a chance at $20 for Nally's Kitchen.

Once you enter, I'll randomly pick a winner for free dinner at Nally's Kitchen.

  • Homemade authentic Mexican cuisine
  • They also have low carb and gluten free options!

If you're craving old fashion Mexican food...Nally's has some of the most unique menu items in the Quad Cities made from scratch daily.  Try their home made Guisado, Guarches, and Gorditas.  Or enjoy their delicious tacos & burritos.  Plus you can try Nally's Express Menu for food in 15 minutes for less...perfect for lunch during your work day.  You can even order online at NallysKitchen.com and have your food delivered to your work or business today.

Nally's Kitchen.  Old Fashion Mexican Cooking.  Rockingham & Division in Davenport.

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