It's easier than ever for companies to fact-check your resumé. So don't go overboard with the embellishments. Here are four ways people get caught lying on their resumé:

  1. You lie about something they can easily Google. A recent CareerBuilder survey found 70% of companies Google job candidates now. And 27% of employers who've passed on a candidate said it was because they lied about their qualifications.
  2. You can’t pass a skills test. Don't lie and say you're fluent in Excel, type 100 words a minute, or can speak Spanish if you can't. Anything testable like that can ruin your chances.
  3. Dates don’t add up. A quick call or two can unravel gaps in your employment history that you were trying to hide. And employers will know something's up if you just list job years instead of months. So try to fill gaps with volunteer or consulting work instead.
  4. Your job titles are too good to be true. Some people really do zip up the corporate ladder fast. And if that's you, great. Just make sure your former boss will back it up.

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