We sit a lot more than people used to, and it's taking a toll on our bodies. Here are four bad things that happen to you when you spend too much of your time sitting . . .

  1. Weaker bones. Moving around prompts your body to replace old bone tissue. And if you don't move around enough, it doesn't happen. So you end up with weaker bones.
  2. Depression and anxiety. And it can snowball, because the more you sit, the less you feel like moving. Which makes you more depressed. Plus, the things we do while sitting also lead to depression. Stuff like overeating and watching too much TV.
  3. Back and neck pain. After four hours of sitting, the discs in your spine start to compress. Which can lead to back and neck issues. Especially if you have bad posture.
  4. Blood clots. Your blood moves slower through your legs when you sit all day, which can cause clots, also called deep vein thrombosis. And if a piece of that clot breaks off, it can end up in your heart or brain and KILL you.

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