Even if you love your job, you probably have days when you hate it. But if it starts to be MOST days, you might need to change things up. Here are four negative effects the added stress of hating your job can have on your body . . .

  1. It can cause headaches. The extra stress can make the muscles in your head, neck, and shoulders tighten up. Which can cause migraines and tension headaches.
  2. It can mess with your mental health. Especially if you feel like you're not being treated fairly at work, or not appreciated. If you’re anxious all the time or prone to depression, then a job you hate just makes you more anxious and more depressed.
  3. It can mess with your sex life. Studies have shown that juggling personal stress and professional stress can lower a woman's sexual desire. And too much stress can also lower testosterone production in men, which lowers your libido.
  4. Your appetite changes. When you're stressed out about something like work for long stretches of time, your adrenal glands start releasing more of the hormone cortisol, which causes feelings of hunger. So you end up eating more in general. And it can also make you crave sugar, so you eat more sweets.

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