A lot of people get married this time of year. And money is probably the top thing that causes pre-wedding fights. But it's not the only thing. According to relationship experts, here are four more common wedding related arguments . . .

  1. Where to get married. It isn't usually a "church vs. winery" fight. It's a "your hometown, or mine" fight. Or one person wants a destination wedding, and the other doesn't. So you just have to talk it through and compromise.
  2. One person wants to invite an ex. That's a tough one. But if they're still CLOSE friends, you might need to say yes. They'll be part of your life anyway. So you might as well clear the air and stop fighting it.
  3. Wedding spending vs. honeymoon spending. So, not how much to spend, but WHAT to spend it on. Whatever you decide, just figure it out as soon as possible. Ideally you should both be on the same page BEFORE you start spending.
  4. Conflicting traditions or religions. Talking things through can actually bring you closer, because you get a chance to explain the meaning of the traditions. So you learn about each other. And in the end, just try to make sure both sides are represented.

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