The Race Man, Steve Donovan, passed away this morning at his home in Indiana at the age of 68 after a battle with cancer.

Donovan was a long time 97X DJ and known affectionately as "The Professor" due to his encyclopedic knowledge of Rock music, and his position teaching radio at the former AIC in Davenport.

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Steve also hosted shows at radio stations throughout the Quad Cities, including a talk show about local and national auto racing. He was heavily involved with the race scene at Codorva, and the dirt tracks around the Midwest.

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Steve introduced me to the girl who would become my wife, and helped me acclimate to the Quad Cities when Michaels and I first arrived in 1990. At his best, he could run three radio stations, while doing 2 airshifts using different names, and still not spill his Bud Light.

R.I.P. Race Man