We all stay in hotels for whatever reasons suit us, so finding out a few secrets about the places we lay our heads is usually helpful.

TikToker Amanda Hunt says she used to work for a hotel, and wants to share a few secrets with her followers.


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Amanda explains first that many hotels typically don't wash the comforters.

"So before you bundle yourself up like a taco, throw it on the ground and don't touch it anymore."

Front Desk Agents

She says the people working the front desk are more than likely watching Netflix or scrolling social media anytime you see them.

There Are Cameras Everywhere

"We have cameras everywhere," Amanda says, "The hallways, staircases, the pool. We can see when you're doing weird things in the hallway, in a fight with your partner, or sneaking an animal in. Most of us aren't paid enough to care, but we see you.

Your Room Number

"We legally are not allowed to say your room number out loud, which is why we write it down," she said. "We are allowed to say the floor you are on, but not the room number."


All in all, the "secrets" she shares make sense, but at the same time, it's from some chick on the internet. It might not be the truth, she might not have worked for a hotel, or she may have worked half her life in a hotel.

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