Dwyer comes up with a lot of dumb ideas and Klinger is no help when it comes to encouraging him. This time, however, the idea I thought sounded dumb actually turned out to be pretty cool.

It all started a few weeks ago when we found out we had Metallica tickets to give away to their show with Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat this Friday at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, IA. In typical Dwyer fashion he needed to do something big, and he and Klinger started kicking around ideas.

Several ideas were discussed and they settled on something having to do with ball pit balls. After numerous revisions to the idea (pool, helicopter, plane and so on) we eventually landed with hot air balloon. The idea would be to drop balls on Alyssa. Why? I don't know. It just sounded fun.

With the help of many people in and around the QCA, our crew managed to get this all together.  It all came together this morning when we dropped 400 numbered balls from a hot air balloon onto Alyssa. Whichever one she caught would be our winner.

Alyssa (dressed in a catchers mask, catchers mitt, and chest protector thank to the QC River Bandits) caught ball #184 which belonged to Michele Sullivan who will headed to the show this Friday! Big thanks to Luxury Limo and Green Tree Brewery for helping us put together an awesome prize and to The Lucky Workshop for shooting the Drone footage. Also a huge thanks to Darrell Day from the Quad Cities Balloon Festival for all their hard work and helping our crew get this done. If you would like to book your own balloon ride give P I Ball Balloons a call at (309) 787-0107. We hope to see you out at the Quad Cities Balloon Festival Sept 22-23 at the Rock Island Co Fairgrounds.

Here is the full Facebook Live video shot by Klinger's wife who was along to help us out this morning.

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