Some mothers will see this as a bad mistake and others will see it as a nice bonus.

What should we get the student's mothers for mothers day? Flowers? Easy idea. Flowers and chocolate? Too basic. Flowers and sexy thongs? Ooooooh Yeahhhh!

I like to imagine that's what the principal of St. Anselm School said when she was planning the mothers day celebration. However, that is not how it went down.

CBS News Philly
CBS News Philly

St. Anselm is a Catholic grade school in Philadelphia, home to 250 students from pre-k through eighth grade.

The school chose to celebrate mothers day by selling roses, little did they know, their "roses" were not roses. The flowers were fake and coiled up inside the rose was a sexy red thong.

One family who received a rose shared a video on social media of their finding.  

School officials said they bought the flowers thinking they were suitable for Mother’s Day, and the school had no idea they were in fact gifts for adults.

The school doesn't know exactly what happened, but they are still investigating.

Ken Gavin, the spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, said, "Saint Anselm Parish School took immediate steps to remediate this issue when it became known inclusive of broad communication with school families. The situation represents an unfortunate mistake and we apologize deeply. We sincerely regret any embarrassment and discomfort that was caused and wish all mothers in the community a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day with hearts full of gratitude."

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