A dispute over possession of a sex toy turned violent early Saturday and ended up in the arrest of a Florida Woman for battery, court records show.

The St. Lucie County police “domestic violence situation” at a home, cops interviewed a male victim who said that he and 34-year-old Chelsea White, “having a verbal argument over a handbag and a sex toy” he owned.

“As the argument progressed, the victim asked White to return the sex toy to him because he owned it,” police reported. However, “White refused to give the sex toy back to the victim.”

St. Lucie County Sheriff
St. Lucie County Sheriff

The nature of the adult toy is not further described in the arrest report, but it's weird to loan them out either way.

When he was unable to get his sex toy back in his possession, the victim picked up White's handbag and declared, “I have your bag, give me back my property.”

A struggle for control of the handbag followed, and that's when White kicked and bit the victim. The victim, police say, “punched White to make her stop biting him.”

Investigators handling the case determined that White was the “primary aggressor” during the 8:30am fight, she was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count.

Locked up in lieu of $500 bond, White is scheduled for arraignment on November 16th.

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