A woman from Florida was attacked by a 9-foot alligator while snorkeling with a companion at Alexander Springs Recreation Area this past weekend, she reported to FOX 35 News.

The gator bit her on the forehead. Coincidentally, a photographer in the vicinity managed to capture pictures of the incident, including one that evidently depicts an alligator lurking behind them.

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Bitten By A Gator

A woman in Florida informed FOX 35 News that she was bitten on the forehead by a 9-foot alligator while she was snorkeling at Alexander Springs Recreation Area during the weekend.

Marissa Carr said Friday that she still cannot believe that an alligator bit her in the face on Sunday. "I ripped the mask off and I turn and see the two little eyes sticking out of the water," she said.

Her friend, Shane, said he heard a rush of water and then saw the gator. "I just heard a rush of water and I turned around to make sure she was OK. And I just saw the gator... I saw her head in its mouth," he said.

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It All Happened So Fast

Marissa said it all happened in a matter of seconds. So fast, that she didn't realize the alligator had bitten her at all.

"It didn't hurt bad in the moment. And then like, as I was running back and like, I saw what it was, that's when it started hurting," she said. 'I was like, my forehead hurts really bad and my neck isn't like so much pain."

Marissa mentioned that she was wearing a full-face snorkel mask instead of just swimming goggles. She believes that this might have been what prevented her from incurring more severe injuries.

"Sounds bad, but it biting my head is probably the best place that it could have been because like, if it would have got my arm and that it would have got a better grip on my arm and I could have lost my arm or just like my life in general. So like, I think the head he didn't get a good grip of it. So I think I'm genuinely just really, really lucky," she said.

She doesn't blame the alligator, she said, and she isn't going to let this encounter stop her from snorkeling in the future.

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