A woman on a Frontier Airlines flight caused quite a spectacle as she pulled down her pants in front of passengers, claiming she needed to relieve herself, before later confronting fellow flyers in a tirade.

FOX 35 Orlando
FOX 35 Orlando

The Pee Plane

The incident, which occurred on a flight from Florida to Philadelphia, began when the woman was allegedly informed by a flight attendant that she was not permitted to use the restroom. Subsequently, the woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, removed her pants in the aisle while apologizing to the other passengers. Despite protestations from her fellow passengers, some of whom noted the presence of children on board, she insisted she was going to pee.

The unidentified woman didn't go through with her intentions, however, as she pulled up her pants, shouting expletives and announcing her need to urinate, before walking off to confront a flight attendant.

FOX 35 Orlando
FOX 35 Orlando

An eyewitness on the flight noted the situation's impact on a young boy who was seated near the incident, commenting That poor little boy.

Video Of The Woman

Video footage shared with News 6 shows the woman continuing her outrageous behavior, aggressively confronting several passengers and spewing profanity.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, fellow passenger Julie Hartman described it as an awful journey home from Florida. She mentioned that the unruly woman had become agitated because she was asked to remain in her assigned seat and subsequently threatened to kill another passenger as well as Hartman herself after being asked to sit down.

Banned From Flying

Hartman concluded her post by expressing her hope that the woman had been apprehended and banned from flying in the future. The outcome of the incident and any subsequent repercussions for the woman are not known at this time.

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