30-year-old Brandi Harden went to a Walmart in Lake City, Florida back on the 14th and tried to pay for her stuff with five $20 bills that were cleary just photocopies.

The cashier called her out on it, and Brandi ran out of the store.

And she might have gotten away with her mediocre attempt at amateur counterfeiting, if only she could've resisted the delicious temptation of Applebee's.

Because two days later, she went to an Applebee's in Lake City and used the same photocopied bills to try to pay. She took off running again when her server called her out, but she left her cell phone behind.

The cops used it to track her down, and she was arrested for possession of counterfeit bills.

Lake City Police Department
Lake City Police Department

Read more at The Gainsville Sun.

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