Come on guys, fighting over toilet paper is sooo First Month of Quarantine.

25-year-old Celesierra Thomas from St. Petersburg had police called to her home on Monday, July 6th, for the suspicion of a domestic dispute.

Pinellas County Sheriff
Pinellas County Sheriff

It turns out, Thomas and her boyfriend were arguing over toilet paper when the argument turned into a physical fight, with Thomas scratching the boyfriend's shoulder up pretty bad.

The details of the argument are unclear, but I'll narrow it down to a few options for you:

  • The toilet paper goes on facing forward, away from the wall.
  • The boyfriend didn't replace the roll after using the last of it.
  • Someone used the last of the toilet paper and didn't buy more.
  • Somebody didn't answer the call to bring more toilet paper to the bathroom while someone was on the pot.

Thomas was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery, and has been court ordered to not contact the boyfriend.

She was also arrested in September for scratching the boyfriend, because she didn't want him to call the police on her.

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