A Florida Woman has been charged with a DUI after deputies found her driving high with a car full of spray deodorant cans.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says 31-year-old Katherine Theodore huffed multiple cans of the deodorant before she got behind the wheel of her vehicle.

When deputies pulled Theodore over, they immediately noticed a stack of empty Right Guard deodorant spray cans in her car. The sheriff's office also said that there was a strong scent of spray deodorant in her car.

Martin County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Martin County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

According to the sheriff's office, Theodore initially said she just had sprayed some of the deodorant because she liked the smell of it. She later admitted that she had drank some alcohol earlier in the day, and then huffed the deodorant while driving the car.

Theodore is now sitting in the Martin County Jail awaiting her trial for charges of driving under the influence.

According to the Martin County Sheriff's Office, Theodore was arrested as the 65th DUI arrest in the county.

"It includes alcohol, drugs and now deodorant, or any type of inhalant that can impair your normal faculties while you are behind the wheel," the office wrote.

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The post shared by the Sheriff's Office came a day before their posting of another story we shared this morning, about the Florida Man who got hit by a car in a convenience store, and asked if his beer was okay.

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