38-year-old Kevin Boudreau Jr. tried to use his credit card to pay at a restaurant in Florida back in October, but it got declined.

His tab was $57, and he told the staff his dad would pay it if they gave him a call. Well, they couldn't get him on the phone and Kevin had previously failed to pay a bill at the same restaurant, so they had him arrested.

Now he's back on our radar, because he came up with an even worse strategy.

Last Saturday night, he racked up a $107 tab at a strip club called Body Shots in Ocala, Florida. Then Boudreau tried to pay with a credit card that didn't have a name on it. It was either a fake card, or one of those sample cards they send in the mail when you get a credit card offer.

The manager of the place tried to run it and the card got declined. Kevin's facing fraud charges.

Marion County Jail
Marion County Jail

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