During a drunken outburst Friday evening, a Florida Man threw food and got a little busy with a mannequin outside of a restaurant in front of staff and patrons of the establishment.

Investigators say 23-year-old Anthony Michael Lessa was intoxicated when he caused a disturbance at Rick's Reef, a St. Petersburg seafood joint.

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Police say Lessa "“was throwing gator nuggets (found in his right pants pocket upon arrest) into the restaurant.” When employees confronted Lessa about throwing the nuggets, he “became belligerent” and advanced on the life-sized manatee.

To the shock and probably amusement of onlookers, Lessa went on to (according to the police report) "sexually molest" the mannequin, which has been known to wear a t-shirt to promote the restaurant's tacos.

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A criminal complaint does not further describe the alleged molestation of the manatee the restaurant uses as a mascot.

Lessa ran from the scene, and nearly immediately caused a problem at a nearby hotel, where he cursed at a front desk worker and stood in the parking lot yelling obscenities.


When police got to the scene, Lessa exhibited multiple signs of intoxication and kept asking why he was being arrested. Charged with "disorderly intoxication-disturbance,” Lessa was booked into jail on the misdemeanor count. He was released from custody early Saturday morning.

According to his LinkedIn page, Lessa is a student pilot who is attending a flight school in Ponte Vedra. Lessa, who attended West Virginia University, gave his home address as his family’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residence.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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