A Florida Man has been arrested after attempting to rob a Waffle House, but only was able to make off with some napkins.

On Tuesday, the Madison County Sheriff's Office said that 28-year-old Eward Wiliam Rodriguez of Madison, Florida, is facing charges for unarmed robbery and assault after trying to rob the Waffle House while he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Witnesses told officials that Rodriguez walked into the Waffle House with a small dog, made his hands into finger guns and yelled "Get on the ground, y'all are getting robbed!"


Immediately after, he grabbed a handful of napkins and fled with the scene.

Shortly afterward, Madison County deputies caught up with the suspect, Rodriguez, at home where he confessed immediately to robbing the restaurant of its napkins, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Rodriguez is looking at charges of Unarmed Robbery and Assault.

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