The "Chicken Dance" isn't just that annoying thing you have to do at your cousin's wedding anymore. Its powers have been used for evil.

44-year-old Shane Forsythe got pulled over in Port St. Lucie, Florida last month for driving around with one headlight, a busted windshield, and two bald tires.

After he stopped, he jumped out of his SUV and started doing the "Chicken Dance" as a diversion, so his friend could get away. It actually worked.

His friend took off running while the cops were distracted. Then they brought in a police dog and a helicopter to search for him, but still couldn't track him down.

They ended up finding a small amount of heroin in Shane's SUV. He claimed it was his friend's, but couldn't prove it and the guy was gone. Now he's facing felony drug charges.

Port St. Lucie Police Department
Port St. Lucie Police Department

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