Seriously, don't lie to the police. They know it's not oregano, they know you don't have to poop, and we all know your headlight has been out for 2 weeks and you just didn't care enough until now.

Police in Port St. Lucie, Florida pulled over two people on New Year's Eve. One of them was 30-year-old Jethro Geneus, who had an outstanding warrant.

St. Lucie County Sheriff
St. Lucie County Sheriff

As they arrested him, they checked his backpack, in which they found two large bags. One had white powder, and one had a brown powder, which he explained as ingredients for baking a cake.

He went on to explain one was sugar, one was cornstarch. Officers, of course, felt differently and decided to field test the powders.

They turned out to both be bags of ecstasy. When they got him to jail, a bag of meth fell out, but he didn't explain if that was supposed to be the cake's sprinkles or not.

Jethro Geneus has been hit with several drug charges.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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