A man from the Tampa Bay area was arrested for exposing himself to the public in what he calls a form of protest.

Police say Riley James Cushman, 23, was spotted on the side of the road in Palm Harbor. He was found with "his pants down to his knees holding his penis while flashing traffic in a vulgar manner."

Upon spotting a sheriff's deputy around 3:30pm, Riley pulled up his pants and began walking away. The officer caught him, and asked why he was behaving the way he was.

Riley said he was "protesting for civil rights by showing his penis to traffic, but was now finished and wanted to go home."

Cushman was charged in his arrest for exposure of sexual organs, which is a misdemeanor. He was booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of a $150 bond. Cushman has pleaded not guilty to his charges.

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