Typically in hospitals, patients who are in need of extra observation are assigned to have what's called a "Hospital Sitter." The sitter just hangs out in the room, making sure the patient stays safe, keeping them from things such as pulling out their IV's, falling, etc.

Frantz Beldorin, who works as a Sitter in Fort Myers, Florida. He was assigned to a patient who at the time was spending most of the day sleeping.

The victim said they woke up around 11pm, thinking a nurse was checking on them by touching their feet, but after the 3rd time, the touching felt wet between their toes.

When the patient leaned forward and looked at their feet, they saw Beldorin on his knees next to the bed, his head over where the patient's feet should be, sucking away on their toes.

The victim ripped their feet away, and Beldorin sulked back to his chair.

Nursing staff was notified, who contacted the Sheriff's department.

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