Florida never fails to be Florida.

Late Sunday night, police in Clearwater got a call about a fight happening in a mall parking lot. When they arrived, they found a couple "naked within the car wrestling with each other." Police immediately separated the two and questioned them to find out what was going on.

The couple had been together for six months, they'd been drinking, and decided they were going to have sex in their car. Afterwards, the girl went out to pee, and used a napkin from the car to wipe.

Clearwater Police Department
Clearwater Police Department

Once she finished, she "accidentally threw the napkin" on the boyfriend, Robert Janisch (21). This obviously pissed him off (or on?), and they started arguing, then fighting. Janisch choked the girl for several seconds, prompting her to scream for help. He said the marks on her neck were "from the beach."

The police decided it was Robert who started the fight, even though it was only a response to the pee napkin. He was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation.

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