Two people in Florida were arrested after one of the two called someone to get help moving the belongings from a home they were burglarizing.

Authorities say they responded to a home in Polk County after a 911 call was made but nobody spoke to the dispatcher. After arriving at the home, deputies concluded that nobody lived there, but inside they did find a male suspect and his girlfriend after they entered through an unlocked door.

Deputies had been searching for the male suspect after identifying him from security video as a burglar at a Dollar General store in Poinciana, Florida, where several items were stolen earlier that morning, the sheriff's office said in a statement.


Poinciana is about 35 miles south of Orlando.

When talking to deputies, the female suspect told deputies that she was the one who called 911, because she wanted them to come help move their belongings from the house they were burglarizing. The sheriff's office said they also wanted to get a ride from the house to the airport so they could spend the weekend in New York.

“Deputies DID help them with their belongings, and DID give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport … it was to the Polk Pokey," the sheriff's office said in a Facebook post. “And they are welcome to stay there all weekend long. The Polk Pokey is much better than New York anyway."

The male suspect was charged with burglary, and theft related to the store and also burglary of a residence. The female suspect was charged with burglary of a residence, according to the sheriff's office.

I imagine the woman wanted to call for some help moving, the man said he had it handled (but probably didn't) and that's when she probably snuck away to call for a hand.

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